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Terms Of Service

By purchasing, downloading, installing, distributing or using any product or services made by or operated by Barspin Studios SL (”Barspin”), or by visiting any of our online services, including but not limited to and all subdomains of these sites (”the Website”), you agree to these terms of use. These products include but are not limited to the game known as “BMX The Game” (”The Game”; working title).

By purchasing the Game you are considered to have activated service with BARSPIN. This service includes but is not limited to different versions of the Game, materials associated with the Game, and privileges in the community related to the Game.

You may not access the Website or the Game if you are not at least 13 years old.

1. Unfinished software: You understand that by downloading, installing or using a product labelled as a “Sneak Peek”, “Early Access, “Alpha”, “Beta” or a “Demo” you are using unfinished software. The unfinished product is likely to have defects and issues. These defects are likely to cause problems with your computer and may result in damages and data loss. BARSPIN is not responsible for any such damages, whether direct or otherwise. You are advised to back up all data before installing or using the Game.

2. Continued support: BARSPIN retains the right to terminate the support for the Game or the Website at any time. This may happen without prior warning. No obligation to continue the services exists. Similarly, you understand that your user account on the Website may be withheld or deleted at BARSPIN’s discretion. This may happen without prior warning.

3. Copyright: BARSPIN retains the copyright to the Game and the Website.

4. Ownership of content: Your use of the Website grants BARSPIN the right to use any content you’ve submitted on the Website for their marketing purposes. This content includes but is not limited to all posts and comments you make on the Website’s forums. They become BARSPIN’s property for the purposes of creating and marketing the Game. You are still free to use your own content in other ways.

5. Responsibility for content: Your use of the Website comes with the understanding that you are solely responsible for all content you post on the Website. You understand that BARSPIN cannot review all content posted on the Website and you remain responsible for it. You are not to post any pornographic or excessively violent content or links to such material. You are not to post any illegal content or links to such material (including but not limited to hate material and pirated software). By posting any content on the Website you accept responsibility for its copyright and the rights withheld by any third parties (including but not limited to trademarks, patents and trade secrets).

6. Product Pricing: All prices include value-added tax (VAT). All prices are listed as US Dollars unless explicitly stated otherwise. Prices are subject to change without prior warning. No compensation may be requested for price changes after purchase.

7. Refunds: You are entitled to a 14 day period during which you may withdraw from the purchase. You will lose this right of withdrawal if you start downloading any associated software or content, or if the performance of our services has begun before the end of the period, or if you activate your account privileges. Performance of our services is considered to begin immediately after we have sent your purchase confirmation email. Your 14 day period begins after the date of purchase if you have purchased services.

8. Limitation of liability: BARSPIN or any of its affiliates (including but not limited to suppliers, licensors and contractors) are not liable with respect to the subject matter of this agreement for any damages under any circumstances, except those required by applicable law. This includes all direct, incidental and consequential damages and the cost of procurement of substitute products or serves, interruption or loss of service, and the loss or corruption of data.

9. Updating these terms: BARSPIN retains the right to revise these terms at a later date without any notice.

10. Any legal disputes are to be settled according to the Spanish law in a Spanish court of law.

Barspin Studios is property of Barspin Studios SL . Barspin Studios SL is registered in Spain under the business ID B66421082. Email: welovebmx[at]bmxthegame[dot]com

Version 1.0

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