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1. What is BMX The Game?

BMX The Game is the new era for BMX games. Created by a passionate team of this sport that wants to bring the game the BMX community deserves.


The main mechanics of BMX The Game consists of performing tricks and stunts with the bicycle while riding freely through the city of Barcelona, ​​achieving different scores depending on its complexity and difficulty.


2. What is the price?

Depending on your country. Check the Steam Store with your regional pricing.

3. When is the final version of the game coming out?

The final version will be announced and published as soon as we finish all the roadmap we have planned with updates. That includes more of the Riding part, new game modes, major rider, and BMX characterization, etc., We will inform you of everything we are progressing on the posts. 

4. Which platforms are BMX The Game going to be released on?

We’re making the game for the PC first, and we’re also working on PlayStation and Xbox versions. We’ll keep an eye on different other platforms, but we must analyze carefully the possibility to port it. Time to time!

5. I have a great idea for a spot/bike park/game mode other coolness things

Great! Let us know on the Steam forums or Discord, in the specific area. We’re also available through Discord, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Reddit, Email, or Twitter.

6. What features are there in the Early Access? 

You can see everything we have done so far in the Steam descriptions or Humble Store (soon). They will be increasing with every update, we will inform you.

7. How long will this game be in Early Access?

We’d like the game wouldn’t be too much time on Early Access because we have a great team and the production process is going well. The Early Access will finish once we make all the improvements and features, take into account all the feedback, and add all the contents we have planned. We need to have all this finished before launching. We want to make sure that the latest version is polished and perfect. 

8. Price differences during and after Early Access?

Yes, there will be differences. The Early Access price will have a cheaper price than the final version. Once we release the final version (that will have much more content), the game will have a higher price. 

9. Steam workshop for custom bikes, parks, etc.?

Yes, yes, and yes. Our main goal is to have future updates with Steam Workshop working and the content created by users should be shared, so the Steam Workshop is one of our firsts priorities.

10. Should I pay for the last version if I have bought the Early Access?

Of course NOT. Everyone who has bought the Early Access will have an update of the version without additional costs since during this time they have supported and helped us with the development.

11. What about in-game camera/video editors?

Yes, there is a camera/video editor in the actual version as well as a replay system. In future versions, it will be improved and it will be more complete.

12. Old tiers

Backers from the pre-alpha version, keep calm, we know who you are and we’ll inform you by email. We have all old tiers listed and saved, you’ll be rewarded in the final version. Also, check your email every month, you will be updated on this. You have a specific FAQ below this one.


13. Will the game be completed no matter how much money is raised through early access?

Yes. We’ve got everything together for the content in the Early Access version that you can actually play if you purchased the game. Of course, we need you to help us to finish the game, not only purchasing it, giving us feedback, support, and ideas!

14. What are you doing with the money?

The bottom line is all money is going into the development of BMX The Game and the 1.0 final version. 

15. Are all the images in-game?

Everything you see was rendered and captured in-game. We don’t like fake screenshots!


16. Is there a free version of the game?

Not right now. Once the game is launched, it is in our plans to release a free demo with reduced content. 

17. Where can I get the game?

You can buy it now directly on Steam or Humble Store (soon), and we are reaching other stores.  A physical retail version is also possible, but not confirmed. Do not support piracy, please!

18. Isn’t it risky?

We’ve been working on the game since 2013. The game is playable since 2014 and the pre-alpha version is released. Now it’s time to finish the final version, “risk” isn’t in our vocabulary at this moment! We have had bad moments in the past, but now we are stronger than ever!

19. What engine are you using to build the game?

We’re using Unity because we’re well experienced in it. It’s a very good engine that allows us to work on multi-platforms at the same time and it’s growing a lot in features. Despite this taking a lot of time, the final version will be worthy.

20. Does it have multiplayer?

Multiplayer is a huge thing for us! And we aren’t thinking just in multiplayer asynchronous online, split-screen up to 2 players, and other game modes, we are planning to add incredible multiplayer modes, just only give us time... Soon we’ll have a great update with one of these online game modes!

21. What are the minimum and recommended system requirements?

We are working on optimization features so the game can be more accessible. At this point, the lowest specs we’ve played and tested the game are Windows 10, 2.6GHz dual-core i5 or higher, RAM 8GB, GTX 960 or higher and 16GB disk space. These specs, obviously, will change in the future, trying to reduce them.

22. Can I join your team? Can I send my Resume?

Yes, if you think you can help us or in some way you could fit in our team, go to (not available right now) and answer the form or send us an email explaining “Why do you want to work with us?” and “Define in maximum 5 lines your experience and education” at recruitment [at] bmxthegame [dot] com (Not images or documents or instantly deleted), We’re waiting for you!


23. I have trouble with the bike or mechanics. Is there any tutorial?

Yes. You have in-game tutorials to learn the basics. You can visit “Learning” on the Room Menu (inside the game) and check all the controls and other stuff. Other tutorials will be published on YouTube.


24. Which type of editors will be in the game?

The bike and rider editors have been available since the pre-alpha version and we are still improving it. You can edit all parts of your BMX and change the different clothes of your rider and the physiognomy and body. We are also working on a very detailed Construction editor (IT’S AVAILABLE!), the player will be able to build different parks or groups of props/pieces to edit and enjoy more with the city. 


Replay editor is one of the best features in BMX The Game. The game constantly records the last 60 seconds of gameplay. Players can access at any given moment this simple yet powerful editor, to set cameras and their movement paths at different keyframes, creating spectacular video sequences.

25. Will new BMX parts or Clothing brands be added to the game?

We can't assure that, but we are negociating with brands how we can face this feature.

26. Updates?

We will have a great number of updates where our aim is to add new tricks, improve the animations, graphics, and visual content of the game apart from adding the new game modes and offering more content than the one that is already done. We cannot estimate how often the updates will appear but we will inform you in the short term.


27. Planning DLCs?

Yes, we know that the game will have some future DLCs, but we are still studying what, when, and how. 

28. Can I play BMX The Game on my Mac?

Currently, it is not possible to play it on Mac, however, we don’t dismiss the possibility of playing using Bootcamp, although it will be needed that the Mac has a powerful graphic, otherwise, program the game on low settings. 

29. What happens if I start the game and the remote doesn’t work. What’s wrong?

Check if there are more USB plugged, if the answer is yes, unplugged and reconnect or change the plug. It usually works. In case it is still not functioning, try to restart the computer or the game and connect and disconnect the remote control. Do not connect the remote while the game is running. Also, check you have the latest drivers version.  


It also can be because your computer doesn’t have the requirements or specifications needed for BMX The Game to work at the moment. Send an email to support [at] bmxthegame [dot] com with your computer specifications so that we can help or solve your problem. From Barspin Studios we always try to help you with your problems to start the game. 

30. A new update came out but it is not downloaded

Restart Steam and after that check your Downloads folder to see if the update is in progress. Depending on the region where you live it lasts a few minutes to appear on Steam.

31. How could I contact you to describe a bug or give feedback?

To report any kind of bug we recommend you attach images or videos to visualize together with a brief explanation, and if required, the specs from your computer. Use this form: To upload the videos or images, we recommend doing so by external management like Youtube or Imgur. Another option is doing it through Discord, in the specific channel #bug-report. 

To send feedback you can do it through our social networks, Discord channel, or Steam forums. We will read every response and answer in the minimum time possible. We strongly thank you for the assistance provided with the bugs report and all the feedback you can give us to improve the game. Without your help, it wouldn’t be possible.  

32. What is Barspin Studios?

We are the indie Studio behind BMX The Game. We started in 2013 with a clear idea, bring the BMX game the community deserved. Since then we have worked to make it real, the Early Access is the final stage. We are in Barcelona, Spain, and we are passionate about extreme, urban sports. If you come to Barcelona find us all over the spots or BMX parks! 



1. If I’m an old backer, do I have to buy the game again? 

Of course not! You have a free key as promised

2. How do I get my free key?

We send you an email to the user contact from the pre-alpha with all the steps to follow


3. ​What happens if I no longer have the email?

Contact us through the backers [at] bmxthegame [dot] com with the subject “I have a new email” and we will solve it.


4. If I’m an old backer, all the past roles and rewards are kept?

Yes, we are working to introduce it whenever it’s possible. We will advance everything we are including by email.

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