Latest news: day/night cicle

Hello everyone! We’re back one more Friday to let you know the latest BMX The Game development news produced here at Barspin Studios. This week we are talking about the current state of the day/night cicle.

Day/night cicle on beta version

This week has been very productive, both programming and constructing the city. Although the city is huge, the truth is that it is getting very well. Remember that the beta will contain a good part of the city, with a lot of content and a lot of work. The only feature we have temporarily ruled out is the change from day to night. This decision has been made for productivity reasons. Until we do not have the whole city we won’t be able to bake the lights. This process consists on  pre-configuring the light and shadows before compilation, which allows a greater performance. The problem is that this takes a lot of time and we would have to repeat it over and over again, every time we add something new in the city. This is why this feauture will have to wait a little bit.

This is all for today, happy weekend!


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