New Kid on the block

Unexpected work and awesome opportunities

Dear friends,

We’re working very hard these days. As you know we expected a more gradual process of pre-orders, but the success of BMX The Game is unstoppable and has brought a lot of unexpected work and awesome opportunities. We have faced some problems with the website and the user registration. Many things can still be improved and we’re working on it. Thank God we limited pre-orders to 1000! It would be great if this extra work does not influence our scheduled deadlines too much, but like any successful project this is hard to achieve.

Many people want to participate in this project and they have asked us to allow more pre-orders. We’ll make more pre-orders available soon because is important to the game, but we have to fix a few things before that to prevent delaying development tasks any further.

This success also means unique opportunities. This week we have received several investment offers which could help BMX The Game develop faster, and even help the consoles version to arrive sooner than expected. Many companies related to BMX are approaching us and offering their help, aware that the success of BMX The Game will help the entire BMX industry.

The sneak peek is close to completion and it’s going to use new awesome features displayed in some of the videos that you may have seen. Due to the additional work of these last few days, we have been spending less time developing the game than we have hoped, and the release of the sneak peek has been slightly delayed. We know that you can’t wait for it, and neither can we. However it is important that we polish some things, and there are still a few days work left before it can be released. We are currently adding more people to the team in order to help us minimize delays.

At the moment we’re receiving a lot of collaboration offers from many supporters. To help us we have created a group of moderators that will assist with the task of managing the community, so we can focus on the sneak peek. If you want to participate in a more active way with your knowledge and experience, please send us your proposal to collaborations[at]bmxthegame[dot]com

Thank you for your support and patience. We’ll keep you informed.

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