Latest news: internal beta roadmap!

Hello everyone! We’re back to let you know the latest BMX The Game development news about Barspin Studios.

As you may know, we expected to launch the internal beta by the end of this first quarter. That was our intention and we have worked hard to get it but it has not been possible due to some mishaps. We’ll talk more about these mishaps in the future when the beta is finished. There’s nothing negative about it. They just take time, so the beta is being delayed a few weeks – we’re close to finish it. We have been developing in our hardest work mode – shutted inside the office for weeks – and so we’ll continue till we make the goal. We understand your frustration although we’re the most frustrated about delays because pre-orders are closed since October and we have pressure to get it as soon as possible, but in the other hand we want to make the best game possible. So we’re going to keep working hard.

Now we’d like to show a brief development roadmap so you can see what we’re working for Internal Beta.

Lastly, remember that we’re posting exclusive dev videos only for backers every week. You can check them out on the private forum (you need to log in before) -> https://t.co/G1FSXFwnZz

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