Latest news: first bike-city screenshots!

Hello everyone! We’re back one more Friday to let you know the latest BMX The Game development news produced here at Barspin Studios. This Friday we’d like to show the first bike-city screenshots.

Today let us show current state of the development with some screenshots. Notice that these images are taken directly with the Unity editor. This means that these images still do not represent the final quality of the game although we are very happy with the results we are getting so far and we are looking forward to compiling a version for you to try.

On the other hand, we have measured how much of the city we have created so far and it is not bad at all. To give you an idea, the preAlpha 0.184 had a size of 12K m2 and the new part right now is 240K m2.

shot1 shot2shot3

 That’s all for now! Happy weekend!

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