Latest news: current state and gameplays

Hello everyone, we’re still here!

It has been a while since we posted anything, we know, but it has an explanation: we are not only working  on BMX The Game development but also developing the business part. This requires a lot of dedication and we can not devote as much time to promotion and networks as we wish. In addition, some business opportunities are emerging with companies that may help the BMX The Game success.  We are dealing with negotiation processes with special care, to ensure the success of the agreement.

As for the current state of development, down below you have some videos that have been recorded with the new replay editor. Hoping to be able to show you more content soon.
We are  polishing animations and failures that are uncomfortable during the gameplay. We are also closing new game mechanics. We really want to close a build so you can try all this as soon as possible.
Remember that the game is still in development and this gameplay does not represent the final product. Specially, you will see in some animations such as Bunny Hop that they are not completely polished.
Thanks for your time. We will come back with more news soon.


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