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    With American sport (nba, nfl etc) there is lots of info on players contracts and endorsements but not alot about the top BMX riders in the world.
    I would love to know what sort of contracts some of the top riders have: Willoughby, Strombergs, Post, Pajon etc. What sort of $$ do Redline pay Post and Willoughby, not to mention Sam’s Tangent, Troy Lee and recently changed to Lizard Skins.
    Tory Nyhaug changed from Redline over to Ssqaured – was this due to money or did Redline just not renew his contract ?
    Anthony Dean was with DK for only a few months before moving over to Dale Holmes ?
    Supercross couldn’t afford to give Dani George and Jared Garcia bigger contracts so they both left Supercross. Then, another small company Meybo have 6 or 7 of the top Dutch riders. Chase and Ssquared are both newish, so how can these three companies afford to have better riders than Supercross ?
    Big brands like S&M and SE have no top riders. Both companies would have plenty of money yet no top riders ?
    Would love to hear any info………

    Any help will be apprecited.

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