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    I’m a tall rider looking to get into some BMX, but I don’t really know where to start and what I need (especially for being tall). I’m 6’7″ and weigh 260lbs – 280lbs, I give that number because I was 260lbs when this football season started, and I’ve gained some muscle. I’m looking for a COMFORTABLE bike that will be light and can perform what I need it to and hold up with the abuse. I’m really gonna use it for some here and there bunny hops, and mainly cruising around the city to see what there is to jump. I’m pretty much a “noob” when it comes to these things so bear with me please. By my research it sounds like I need a 22 tt and 24′ – 26′ wheels (correct me if I’m wrong). Keeping in mind I’m a big guy with long legs I will need some room and need to be saved the back pain. I really am looking to buy a complete because I’m pretty new and would be an idiot at building a custom. Price range really doesn’t matter (Need to do what you need to do) and neither does color (too much). I also want a light BMX bike so it’s easy to bunny hop with and it lifts with ease, I heard chromoly is what you want. So keeping those things in mind, would you guys be willing to help find the bike I’m looking for? I don’t want a “wtf” BMX bike, meaning; where the wheels are huge and me bars are tiny or anything that will make it look off, kinda looking to keep it mainstream.

    Any help will be apprecited.

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    Thank you.


    Hi I’m one of the 3 people who still check this site. Idk how you found this place

    And buy a scooter ya know you want to mate ;)

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