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    My friend passed away a couple years ago now, and we were die hard into ridin. We rode and dug all day and night at our trails (Capital Trails – Woodbridge, VA), blood, sweat, and tears. I’m sure all of you know how that feels. The trails we dug at, were the 3 generation.. The other 2 got bulldozed. As of my friend, Charlie Boone passing, just as his death happened, the trails got bulldozed again. If you look up the youtube video, you’ll see Chris who rode with the 1st gen guys (Robbie Mirranda being just one). Either way, Charlie got buried with the dirt from our trails. 9 years of digging, laughing, having fun.. Kids don’t get that now in a LOT of areas. I’m trying, in this thread, to bring awareness to one.. kids need a place to release energy. Kids need an out-source legally, where they wont be getting into trouble. The trails was that place for us. He’s gone. The trails are gone. I’m actually gone, living in CA now for my job, but trying to help as much as possible. Please, if you’ve read this far, you will PLEASE help our cause by signing the petition. It takes 2 minutes, and it would mean absolutely the WORLD to myself, and his mother. Who which I might add, knows nothing really of what to do and is doing everything in her power to get this done. We have a strategy, we just need to get the petition up there in numbers to really show that this is a necessity. I will thank each of you personally who reply after signing. Long live BMX.

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