What the FAQ

When is the game coming out?

Beta version for backers was scheduled for late 2016 but the development it’s been harder than expected. As soon as the beta build is ready we will announce a release date. An early acces version on Steam is expected in a few months (2017).

Pre-sales sold out

Pre-orders are sold out because we reached 5.000 copies. We may open some pre-purchases again, but it’s not confirmed yet.  Stay tuned to our social networks to know when new pre-orders are available.

Which platforms is BMX The Game going to be released on?

We’re making the game for the PC and Mac first, and we’re also working on Android and Iphone versions. A console game is harder/expensive to release than for PC/Mac or mobile phones. The game needs a really big support and an important amount of funding to get Sony’s and Microsoft’s licenses. At this moment PS4 and Xbox One are confirmed for 2017.

How is gonna work the console version for people who pre-purchased the game?

When the console version is available, people who pre-purchased Full-time rider tier or higher, will receive one digital copy of BMX The Game for PS4 or Xbox One, in adittion to the Steam copy that is coming out pretty soon.

What engine are you using to build the game?

We’re using Unity3D because we’re well experienced on it. It’s a very good engine that allows us to work in multi platforms at same time and it’s growing a lot in features. Right now we’re moving all the game from Unity 4 to Unity 5. Despite this is taking a lot of time, the final version will be worthy.

What are the minimum and the recommended system requirements?

We don’t have minimum or recomended specs on PC yet because we don’t have a final version at this point. Moreover, we are working on optimization features so the game can be more accesible. At this point, the lowest specs we’ve played and tested the game are: GT 640, i3-4170 and ram 4GB. This specs, obviously, will change.

Does it have multiplayer?

Multiplayer is a huge thing for us! and we aren’t thinking just in multiplayer online, we talk about private servers and splitscreen up to 2 players too. Also we’re testing multiplayer between platforms.

I have a great idea for a spot/bike park/game mode other coolness

Great! Let us know on the forums. We’re also available through private message on Facebook and Twitter.

Will the game be completed no matter how much money is rised through pre-orders?

Yes. We’ve got everything together for the content in the basic Alpha version that you can actually play if you pre-purchase the game. We are releasing  the early access version before the summer ends.

What are you doing with the money?

All our early supporters have access to more details about budgets and development updates. But the bottom line is all money is going into the development of BMX The Game.

Where can I get the game?

You can buy it directly from us right now if you pre-order. If you choose to wait, you’ll be able to buy it directly from us or through a number of digital delivery options on the PC and Mac (Early Access on Steam is coming soon). A physical retail version is also possible, but not confirmed.

In mobile version it will be available in apps stores for Iphone and Android.

For console versions see the question about platforms.

Isn’t it risky?

We’ve been working on the game since 2013. The game is playable from 2014 and the beta version is coming out soon.

Are all the images in-game?

Everything you see here was rendered and captured in-game!

How looks the mobile version?

Last mobile phone generation is powerful and can run awesome games. Even so, BMX The Game mobile edition is being adapted to run on mobile phones.

Is there a free version of the game?

Not at this time. Once the game is released, it is in our plans to release a free demo. Moreover, some features like the editor bikes are free for all (until the game is released it is only available on pre-orders).

Can I join your team? Can I send CV?

Yes, if you think you can help us or in some way you can fit in our team, go to http://www.bmxthegame.com/hiring/  and answer the form. We’re waiting for you!

I have trouble with the bike. Is there any tutorial?

Before we publish the new version there will be some video-tutorials available to learn how to ride better the BMX. When the new version comes out the tutorial will be ingame.

Can the backers expect any update before the steam release?

Yes, we expect launching a new beta version as soon as we have it ready for those who purchased the game before official launch.

Is the bike editor available at this point?

Right now the bike editor is available just for those who have purchased the game and it’s not ingame. In the next update the bike editor will be inside the game. Once we launch the game (final version) the bike editor will be a free feature for everyone.

Which type of editors will be in the game?

The bike editor it’s been available since pre-alpha version and we still improving it. We are also working on a very detailed terrain editor, where the player will be able to build different terrain styles from scratch and complement with pieces built to measure. These creations will be shared online for other users to enjoy. Finally, we are also making a rider editor: it will work pretty much like the Bike Editor, but with clothes and accessories at first. You can look for more details on the blog section.


You can read the development state on this link – >http://www.bmxthegame.com/roadmap/

It’s not 100% updated, but you can have an idea.

How long will this game be in Early Access?

We’d like that the game is not too much time on early access because we have a great team and the production process it’s going well. The game will be on Early Acces between 3 and 6 months.

Price differences during and after Early Acces?

Yes, there will be differences. The Early Access price will have a discount (less than actual pre-purchase but still cheaper than final version). Once we release the final version (that will have much more content), the game will have a higher price.

Steam workshop for custom bikes, parks etc.?

Yes, yes and yes. Our main goal when the game launches is the content creation by users and we want it to be shared, so the Steam Workshop is one of our firsts priorities.

What about in-game camera/video editor?

Yes, in fact there is a camera/video editor in the actual version as well as a replay system. In future versions it will be improved and it will be more complete.

Is there any day/night cycle?

There’s is already on the current game version (you can change between day and night with F8). In fufure versions we’ll add a progressive day to night cicle.

Planning DLCs?

Yes, we know that the game will have some future DLCs, but we still studying what, when and how.

I’ve already pre-purchased the game. Can I upgrade my account?

After studying the case (many of you have been asking this question), we’ve decided that right now we have not the resources to make the upgrade account you guys ask (to do so we would have to do it manually, and that would take us a lot of development time). It is something we’ll do it at any point for sure, but it’s gonna take a while. Expect this account upgrades from  beta launch onwards.