Latest news: current state and gameplays

Hello everyone, we’re still here!

It has been a while since we posted anything, we know, but it has an explanation: we are not only working  on BMX The Game development but also developing the business part. This requires a lot of dedication and we can not devote as much time to promotion and networks as we wish. In addition, some business opportunities are emerging with companies that may help the BMX The Game success.  We are dealing with negotiation processes with special care, to ensure the success of the agreement.

As for the current state of development, down below you have some videos that have been recorded with the new replay editor. Hoping to be able to show you more content soon.
We are  polishing animations and failures that are uncomfortable during the gameplay. We are also closing new game mechanics. We really want to close a build so you can try all this as soon as possible.
Remember that the game is still in development and this gameplay does not represent the final product. Specially, you will see in some animations such as Bunny Hop that they are not completely polished.
Thanks for your time. We will come back with more news soon.



Latest news: BMX Spot Jam and current state

Hello everyone! We’re back to let you know the latest BMX The Game development news about Barspin Studios (even if it’s not on Friday).

First of all, we’d like to mention that on Friday 16th at 5 PM there will be a BMX JAM SPOT in Barcelona organized by PRO ADDICTS.

There will be a small route through some spots in Barcelona and it will end at SKATEPARK La Mar Bella. We will be giving away gifts and prizes for the best tricks in each spot. In our case, we will bring some t-shirts and BMX The Game copies to give to the winners. If someone is in or around Barcelona on Friday and wants to come near, it will be great to meet and ride together.

spot jam bmx pro addicts
We also want to show you how  La Poma bikepark is right now. We have already created the environments and we are placiong the vegetation and the props in these moments. Very soon we will be able to post a video riding with all the new improvements including new physics and  the whole park painted and finished. That’s all for now. Have a nice Monday!



Latest news: current state and painting workflow!

Hello everyone! We’re back to let you know the latest BMX The Game development news about Barspin Studios.

As you know we are working very hard on the game, fighting every day to have the new version as soon as possible.

These days we are working on the physics and mechanics, so the game works perfectly, as well as the environments and spots like La Poma, the editors to offer more customization and… we have also started the marketing plan for the launch. We are at a difficult time because of the number of open issues, but we are achieving our goals.

Today we want to show the current state of La Poma’s BikePark and how we’re painting it. We created different procedural textures and we are painting them with a brush, always looking for realism and similarity with the original spot. Let us show you a quick video of the process:

Finally, on the following video we show you how the Poma was a couple of days before we started to paint it. At that time the ground was being polished and we were checking that all the ramps were well adjusted as well as functional for our physics (despite the physics are not finished yet, they are enough to test the spot). Remember once again all we show is work in progress. We hope you like it as much are we do.

That’s all for today. Have a nice weekend!


Latest news: current state, bike and rider editors!

Hello everyone! We’re back to let you know the latest BMX The Game development news about Barspin Studios.

Right now are very focused on the new version, dedicating all the resources we have and all the time we have on it. We are anxious to publish this new version in order you to try and see the incredible changes that we achieved.

Remember that this game works with physics and procedural animations, which means that there are never 2 tricks exactly the same, provinding the game much more realism and much flow.

There are many differences with the previous one, but, above all, we have focused interest on softening the difficulty of the game thanks to your feedback. This makes the gameplay improves, especially the learning. We’ve got the game to work better, be more stable and much more organic.

Another part of the team is focused on remodeling the new characters, and today we can show you Matt.


Another new feature that we will be able to include on the new version is the rider editor. It will work pretty much like the Bike Editor, but with clothes and accessories at first.

Also remember that we keep working on “La Poma”. This terrain is so organic that is very complex to model and it requires effort and dedication, but the results we are obtaining are very good. We hope to be able to show you the progress soon.

Finally, and as we mentioned before, while working on the character editor, we are finishing the bike editor. We have implemented new paint finishes and new textures for the wheels.


Once again, thank you for your patience and your support. Have a nice weekend.



Latest news: internal beta roadmap!

Hello everyone! We’re back to let you know the latest BMX The Game development news about Barspin Studios.

As you may know, we expected to launch the internal beta by the end of this first quarter. That was our intention and we have worked hard to get it but it has not been possible due to some mishaps. We’ll talk more about these mishaps in the future when the beta is finished. There’s nothing negative about it. They just take time, so the beta is being delayed a few weeks – we’re close to finish it. We have been developing in our hardest work mode – shutted inside the office for weeks – and so we’ll continue till we make the goal. We understand your frustration although we’re the most frustrated about delays because pre-orders are closed since October and we have pressure to get it as soon as possible, but in the other hand we want to make the best game possible. So we’re going to keep working hard.

Now we’d like to show a brief development roadmap so you can see what we’re working for Internal Beta.

Lastly, remember that we’re posting exclusive dev videos only for backers every week. You can check them out on the private forum (you need to log in before) ->