Latest news: city builder, giveaway winners…


As we promised, we’re back one more Friday to let you know the latest BMX The Game development news produced here at Barspin Studios. This time we will talk about the city generator and we will reveal the two winners of the giveaway we have done this week exclusively for pre-orders.

  • City builder. On one hand, one of the tasks which is spending the most of our time is the city builder. It is an internal tool that allows us to generate buildings in a procedural way while respecting Barcelona’s architectural rules. It is not an easy task: there are more than eighty neighborhoods, each one with its own characteristics. That is why we are training the system to build it. There are many pieces that we have had to model, but it is a huge programming task too. It may seem waste of time a priori, but it is an investment, because in the end  it will allow us to generate a huge and diverse city while saving many hours of work and staff once this tool is finished. Let us show you a screenshot.


  • FAQ and community videos. On the other hand, we remind you that since last week we have a new FAQ updated with new questions that many of you ask us daily. Do not forget to take a look at it on this link. Also remember that you can send your videos (from the latest alpha version of the game) via FB and Twitter. We’re  posting the best videos on the blog every Tuesday.

  • Backstage pictures. We have seen that you liked the backstage picture from the dev team working on BMX The Game we published this week, so we’re posting more of them every week through our social networks. Stay tuned!


  •  Giveaway. Finally, we announce the two winners of the exclusive giveaway for pre-orders. The two BMX The Game official t-shirts are @dennisandree and @daxmarshall. Today we will contact you so we can send you the gifts. We want to keep making up for your loyalty, so for the next weeks we will keep giving away some BMX The Game merchan  (and we’re also preparing some contests) in order to make the wait more pleasant until the release.

    That’s all for now. Let your impressions and comments below! Happy weekend!


Good news and current state

Hi everybody!

Most of you might know some of the news we are going to release, because some weeks ago we made a private post for Backers explaining the news. Although we have been quiet these last weeks, the project is more alive than ever.

Last months

At the beginning of the year we were forced to slow down a bit the development and work hard to achieve stability. The project is becoming bigger and bigger and needs more resources to face the workload, having only 2 people at full time and the rest part time wasn’t enough. Having so much work to do was creating a bottleneck and a serious lack of communication with the community.

Until then we were working self-financed and with our savings (Indie style) and this was limiting the growth and the development, because making a game as BMX The Game  is not easy and cheap. That’s why we decided to work hard and search for financiation.

During this period of time we have been working a lot entrepreneurially, we have prepared thousands of papers for the investors (Business plan, Marketing plan…). The truth is that we have learnt a lot and everything has been positive. We have met a lot of people interested in the project along the way, people that trust in it at 100%.


We have financiation, finally! It is not very much, but it is enough to take off again. We are investing all the money in the development. We have expanded our team, we are now 7 people at full time and 2 more that will join us in the next weeks (PR and communication).

We keep searching more financiation to dedicate it in Marketing and advertising to give BMX The Game the exposure it deserves.

We close pre-orders

Due to the overload of work we have and that the fact that we want to finish BMX The Game as soon as possible so that you guys can enjoy it, we will close the pre-orders until we are in Steam Early Access.

Getting some financiation has set us free from dedicating so much effort and time into pre-orders. (Having some financiation we believe that it has no sense to continue dedicating so much effort and time to pre-orders). Since it has been confirmed that we will be in Steam and later in the next-gen consoles, we do not depend on the pre-orders money as much as we did before to finance the development.

No one will be able to buy BMX The Game from the day we close pre-orders until we are in Early Access in Steam. The people who have already bought the game can still play and will have the game updated.


We have always had problems with this. We have been searching for months a person that can keep the community informed and we have finally found it; and we have enough money to employ it. Right now she is not available at 100%. But we are working in the planning and the projects she will be in charge of. She is a person who works for a videogame magazine and she will join us in a few weeks. Until then we will do our best.

Development status

Thanks to the increase of the team size, those last weeks we have working hard in the development process and many points of the development are getting more interesting. We want to show you the huge city we are making, the improvement in the controls, the new physics… We are also working on a decent menu systems for the game and also on a good interface. We will also add a lot of traffic in the city as well. To sum it up, this is going very quick and the backers will be playing with the updates soon. We would also like to remind you that making a game is not an easy or quick task, that is why we appreciate your comprehension so much.

At this rate, we will finally have results to show every week. In the next post, we will talk more in depth about this and much more.

Next steps

Short term, we are going for the first Unity 5 version as soon as possible. Remember it has taken us so long because there was a lot of things to fix and add. Moreover, the team was smaller and we had a lot of business work to do. We don’t have an ETA defined yet, but it will be soon. This initial version will be open only for Backers.

Mid term, in summer more or less, we will launch the BETA in Steam Early Access. As always, all the Backers will receive a key to download it. It is possible that we launch a few more Backer-only updates until that day comes. Obviously there is no ETA defined yet.


We all are making something very big, we have the responsibility to make this work and now we have the resources to achieve it quicker.

Thanks for your support and your contributions!


Heading to the Beta

Hi guys,


First of all, happy holidays and best wishes to all of you. We’re gonna do a special promotion during these holidays with discounts up to 60%. Also we’re going to enable a way through our website for those backers who want to upgrade their accounts next week.

We’re pretty happy with the current released update – pre Alpha 0.184 – and we have made a new video to celebrate it. We have decided to put more efforts to reach the Alpha process as soon as possible – remember that we’re still on pre Alpha. This step is really important but means a lot of work too.

I’m personally working hard on this task, and I can say that we estimate to reach the Alpha on January. What will bring us this Alpha?

First, Unity 5 engine. This will give us an awesome illumination and shaders – this means next gen quality. Also a really awesome optimization on physics and that’s really important in a game like BMX The Game, which uses physics forces instead pure animations. The migration from Unity 4 to Unity 5 isn’t so easy as we expected for our case, but we’re rewriting many codes and we’re getting an awesome result. We can’t wait to show you our progress on this.

The alpha also will come with a better, faster and easier controlling system (don’t panic, is pretty the same what we have now, but faster and more solid). Also will add a more consistent physics driven animations in order to avoid fails when execute tricks. This Alpha will also avoid weird bounces and losing control. The Tunnel will be available for everyone on this point too.

The most important is: this Alpha will allow to change the bike pieces – not just color -, and this changes will affect to the geometry and physics of the bike. This feature opens a great way to personalize the game.

The rest of the team is working to finish the dirt course before February. We’re using thousands of pictures and scannings to reconstruct an important Bike Park here in Barcelona. This Bike Park, including the new features of the Alpha will push the game to the next level for sure.

We’re also working to include the Steam SDK on the game as soon as possible. In our plans, we estimate to reach the Beta process – including Early Access on Steam, creator’s tools and others – on March 2016.

We’re still working without publisher nor external investment so we really appreciate your support and your help. Your support and confidence on this game is making this possible. Sadly the lack of external help makes the development harder and slower than we wish.

Even so, we don’t give up, even without a decent salaries and barely surviving, because we really believe in what we’re doing, and we really love it.

Once again, we call for your patience and your help to spread the game and keep making this better. Thanks brothers!


The 0.183 is coming

Hi Guys,

You already know that our worst skill is the blogging and the “real time” communications. We usually keep in silence for too long periods. The good side of all this is that this happens because we’re really immersed on the development. We aren’t specialists on communications (we know our handicaps) and is hard for us to have the communication line constantly opened. It requires time that we have spent on development.

This is going to change now. In coming days a new member will be added to the project. His functions will be pure communications. He will take care about messaging, emails, and all the social media. In addition he will write a post weekly (with no conditions) and he will take care about the special supporters opening internal communication lines. This is important for creator tiers, because we’ll give them the exclusive editor tools in coming months, and a permanent communication line will be needed.

If you’re wondering what we have done these last weeks: a lot!

  • Internal documentation to start communication with publishers in order to get the final push that we need. Yes, we’re looking for a publisher. We can’t give more details by now.
  • Full development plan to get the final game. We have listed over 400 tasks to do in a total of 9200 man hours. In this plan we’re talking about a full city inside. Stable versions of the game will be reached early.
  • Full physics tweaks. All the variables of the physics on the game have been changed and re-tweaked in order to approach a better physics model. We think this is the best setup possible in Unity 4. As soon as we release the Unity 5 version the physics will be better. We have done many tests and the result is very impressive.
  • Optimisation. Is not the big final optimisation, but we have rewritten many parts and we have changed some visuals in order to get a more smooth gameplay. I have played on a Laptop with a GeForce GT 750m in Mid quality at >30fps. Not too bad.
  • Introduction to the park editor. Now you can move all the props on the scene and build your own spots. Is a preliminary version. We’re working to allow to add props, duplicate, delete and share your creations. By now you can play moving the object that are already on the scene.
  • New props. You will see new objects and some changes to the city.
  • Thousands of internal changes. Some little changes on the animations, physics, behaviours, helpers, cameras… hundreds of man hours trying to get a great update.

With all these changes and more we think that the 0.183 we’ll be an awesome update.
The great question is “when?”. I can’t say a date yet, but we’re finishing the last changes. Next week? maybe this one?

We’re working at the same time in some other things like the City design; a city creator to help us to build it faster; an interactive map; modelling city props for coming areas; new bike pieces; dirt terrain; Unity 5 migration; Steam SDK. All of these things will be on further updates and versions.

As I usually say, thanks for your support and your patience. I know that is hard to wait sometimes. We can’t wait to show our progress too.

videoUI.Imagen fija009

A lot of info about the development

Dear friends,

We have been working hard these last days, and our last post was too many days ago, so I have many things to tell you. Get ready to read ;)

The success on Greenlight is a great push for us. We’re reading its documentation in order to learn how to integrate the Steam SDK on our game.  Aswell we have many things to do before release BMX The Game on Steam.

We made a public survey in order to find the better button for pedaling on our game. Maybe you already know it, but the most of the people voted to change the button for “pedal” into the game. This change will be available on the next coming update. ->

About the city, we have lot of the main design already done, and we’re modeling props and assets that you will find on the streets. In the next coming update, the doors of the “mercat” will be opened and you will be able to free roam for the nearest streets. The city is inspired on Barcelona, and we’re putting a lot of effort to make you feel like you are here.

The game mechanics are good, it can be played and it’s pretty funny to play, but it’s still far from what we want to achieve. The physics have to be more accurate and the animations have to be more realistic and flow. It lacks a lot to get what we have dreamed, but we’re doing our best, and we’re on the right direction. For instance, now we’re working to have better aerial tricks. Aerials look nice, but it needs more work. This will be implemented soon.

We’re also working in the migration to Unity 5 engine, which is very optimized and it have awesome graphics. Sadly, this is an slow process because many things have changed from the Unity 4 engine, so we have to recode many of our lines and codes. As an indie team, we have a limited budgets and sometimes we develop slower than we expected, big changes could take a while. Thinking in all the success on social media and Steam, maybe we could get some genuine interest by some brand or investor and accelerate the development ;)  ;).

By now, we have the bike editor and the game new menu under Unity 5 and it’s awesome. It will be launched maybe the next week. While the preAlpha is been migrating to Unity 5 engine, you can use the new bike editor to create new custom bikes, just change color and materials by now – change bike parts is almost ready too. The bike editor will be launched on mobile phones soon too and you could send your bikes to your game on the PC.

Also, we want to open a new private area on the website with graphic assets for those people who want to do their Artwork related to BMX The Game.

We understand your impatience with all this project, because we’re so excited as you aswell. The team is growing and we hope to offer you more content really soon. We really appreciate your patience, support and good words.

PS: As I always said, all the images and videos are WORK IN PROGRESS and do not represent the final quality :)