Sneak Peek, mobile version and consoles

  • The feedback from the Bike Editor is working great and has helped us to improve the sneak peek
  • Sneak Peek has no official date yet but is delayed only a few days
  • We show the first gameplay-test on mobile phones
  • We have started to process the consoles licenses
  • Pre-order prices will be updated after Sneak Peek release

We are anxious to let you play the Sneak Peek, it looks great and we love the results. We had planned to release it on late August, but some bugs -some of them detected thanks to the feedback of the community- and optimizations have supposed for us a bigger and unexpected work load. It is just a matter of days.

platformsWe take this opportunity to showing you something that is very important for the project: the mobile version. We are working on a more complete video but for the moment we show you a little advance. The optimization of the mobile version opens also the possibility of running the game in slow computers.

The best news is that we are processing licenses for the development of the game in xbox and playstation – current&next gen. In order to guarantee this milestone, we need to reach the 5000 pre-orders.

The pre-orders prices will be updated when the Sneak Peek for PC/Mac is available. Your pre-order is very important for the project and all the funds will be directly used to the game development.



Bike Editor

Bike Editor Available and Sneak Peek soon

We have been in silence for days, but don’t worry, this is because we’re focused to finish the sneak peek – and other important milestones – as soon as possible.

As you already know, we suffered delays after the successful pre-orders process, but these delays means opportunities too.

Althought we’re close to get the sneak peek ready, we want to thankful your unconditional support, patience and understanding with the release of a sample of the bike editor, which it will be part of the final game. For now, this sample allows you to change bike’s colors and taking beautiful screenshots.

We always said that your feedback is really important for us, so the editor allows you to send us your opinions and reports just pressing a button.

Enjoy it. We hope this makes bearable the wait for the sneak peek, which is taking a while but it will be worth.

In addition, we’re working in other important points and soon we will show the sneak peek running in mobilephones.

We also want to announce that after lots of emails asking for more pre-orders, this week we will open 5.000 pre-orders. We have worked a lot to automatize this process. This will give us more resources for a faster development and go for higher milestones. We don’t know how much time will take to be sold out. We sold the last 1.000 in 48 hours.

We have more things in the roadmap but we can’t talk about it for now. Keep calm and stay tuned because we’re working hard and we’ll keep you informed. A lot of great news are coming.


New Kid on the block

Unexpected work and awesome opportunities

Dear friends,

We’re working very hard these days. As you know we expected a more gradual process of pre-orders, but the success of BMX The Game is unstoppable and has brought a lot of unexpected work and awesome opportunities. We have faced some problems with the website and the user registration. Many things can still be improved and we’re working on it. Thank God we limited pre-orders to 1000! It would be great if this extra work does not influence our scheduled deadlines too much, but like any successful project this is hard to achieve.

Many people want to participate in this project and they have asked us to allow more pre-orders. We’ll make more pre-orders available soon because is important to the game, but we have to fix a few things before that to prevent delaying development tasks any further.

This success also means unique opportunities. This week we have received several investment offers which could help BMX The Game develop faster, and even help the consoles version to arrive sooner than expected. Many companies related to BMX are approaching us and offering their help, aware that the success of BMX The Game will help the entire BMX industry.

The sneak peek is close to completion and it’s going to use new awesome features displayed in some of the videos that you may have seen. Due to the additional work of these last few days, we have been spending less time developing the game than we have hoped, and the release of the sneak peek has been slightly delayed. We know that you can’t wait for it, and neither can we. However it is important that we polish some things, and there are still a few days work left before it can be released. We are currently adding more people to the team in order to help us minimize delays.

At the moment we’re receiving a lot of collaboration offers from many supporters. To help us we have created a group of moderators that will assist with the task of managing the community, so we can focus on the sneak peek. If you want to participate in a more active way with your knowledge and experience, please send us your proposal to collaborations[at]bmxthegame[dot]com

Thank you for your support and patience. We’ll keep you informed.


Things are happening fast

The last week something that no one expected happened. We had expected a good reception. We have over 50k friends on Facebook so we expected a good part of them visiting the website and pre-ordering. After so much time in silence the hype was high, but we didn’t expect so. Indeed we had over 500k hits in less than 3 hours, which caused several problems on our server. As result, the server fell down. We contracted a better server, but migrating to another server isn’t a quick thing. We spent hours and hours calling to technical services, trying to accelerate the process. After 5 days of stress, lot of errors during the process and hundreds of emails and phone calls, we had done the migration.

Yesterday, the website was ready again, and now we’re receiving an amazing flow of visits and pre-orders. The new server is working smooth. The 1,000 pre-orders were expected to be sold in about 4-6 weeks. Away from this theory, all the pre-orders could be sold out today late or tomorrow. Less than 36h hours!

This situation demonstrates that BMX The Game is gonna be an incredible game. We have learned the lesson: there’re more people than expected ready to get involved in this game. We have to make the things better to include everyone. All this support is gonna help to make a bigger game in a short time. The goals which seemed hard to achieve now are close.

We gonna put all our efforts and resources to improve what we have and what we gonna do. We need people 100% commited with the game and the BMX culture. We feel this game is unstoppable and the things are happening fast.


BMX The Game is back

After a long time in silence, working really hard, we’re proud to say that BMX The Game is back. Indeed we never stopped to work in BMX The Game. We decided to work in silence to keep us focused. It was a hard year, with many changes in our lives and our team. We love what we do and that’s our strength.

New website

We also have a new website with a lot of info about the game. You will find all what you need about the game, pre-order it, forums and a shop to support BMX The Game. Check it out.

This blog

In this blog we will talk about the development and other interesting things related to BMX The Game and also BMX. So stay tuned.
We want to thank you for your support and involve yourself in making something you want to play!