Latest news: physics, teaser, new F.A.Q…


Hey guys! We know that we have been quiet these last months (yes, again), but we’ve come back to explain to you some great news.

We have five main subjects that we want to share with you about the last news with BMX The Game.

  • Physics:

As we have advanced through Facebook, one of our highest priorities is improving the physics system.The new physics now consume fewer resources, and they are smoother and quieter. We are also using a different system than the one that we used in the previous version to make it easier to teach the game how to do new tricks. Finally, we are fixing many bugs which the previous version had, such as the rear wheel jumping crazy when you gained a lot of speed.  As you can imagine, it’s a hard work and that’s why we are taking some extra time before launching the next version.

  • Community Manager:

As you know, we have always had problems with communication because very few people have been working on the project until now and all efforts have been focused on development and looking for financing. As we said on the last post, we’ve been for months looking for a person that can keep the community informed and finally she’s joined us. As you may have noticed, she’s in charge now of the community through social network and forums. If you have any question, you can ask her through private message on BMX The Game Facebook or Twitter. And yes, from now on you’ll have news from us every day.

  • New blog section:

As we said on the social networks, you can send us your BMX The Game videos through direct message (Facebook and Twitter). Every week we’ll publish the best BMX The Game videos you’ve sent us because the game is alive thanks to you. The only condition we ask you is that these videos need to be uploaded (Youtube, Vimeo…). If you want your name or credits to appear next to the video on the post, please, add your name when you send it. We’re preparing a form on the website in case you don’t have Twitter or Facebook account so you can send your video too.

  • Teaser:

As we promised, here you have the new teaser (all ingame footage). We’ve been working hard to have ready a new brand version that we expect to launch before the summer ends. Thanks for your patience and we hope you enjoy it!

  • New F.A.Q.

You’ve been asking many questions lately, so we’ve done a new and complete F.A.Q. for you in order to answer them. Hope it’s useful for you. Here’s the new link on the website ->


That’s all fow now! Thank guys for all your patience. We’ll read you on the comments!