Good news and current state

Hi everybody!

Most of you might know some of the news we are going to release, because some weeks ago we made a private post for Backers explaining the news. Although we have been quiet these last weeks, the project is more alive than ever.

Last months

At the beginning of the year we were forced to slow down a bit the development and work hard to achieve stability. The project is becoming bigger and bigger and needs more resources to face the workload, having only 2 people at full time and the rest part time wasn’t enough. Having so much work to do was creating a bottleneck and a serious lack of communication with the community.

Until then we were working self-financed and with our savings (Indie style) and this was limiting the growth and the development, because making a game as BMX The Game  is not easy and cheap. That’s why we decided to work hard and search for financiation.

During this period of time we have been working a lot entrepreneurially, we have prepared thousands of papers for the investors (Business plan, Marketing plan…). The truth is that we have learnt a lot and everything has been positive. We have met a lot of people interested in the project along the way, people that trust in it at 100%.


We have financiation, finally! It is not very much, but it is enough to take off again. We are investing all the money in the development. We have expanded our team, we are now 7 people at full time and 2 more that will join us in the next weeks (PR and communication).

We keep searching more financiation to dedicate it in Marketing and advertising to give BMX The Game the exposure it deserves.

We close pre-orders

Due to the overload of work we have and that the fact that we want to finish BMX The Game as soon as possible so that you guys can enjoy it, we will close the pre-orders until we are in Steam Early Access.

Getting some financiation has set us free from dedicating so much effort and time into pre-orders. (Having some financiation we believe that it has no sense to continue dedicating so much effort and time to pre-orders). Since it has been confirmed that we will be in Steam and later in the next-gen consoles, we do not depend on the pre-orders money as much as we did before to finance the development.

No one will be able to buy BMX The Game from the day we close pre-orders until we are in Early Access in Steam. The people who have already bought the game can still play and will have the game updated.


We have always had problems with this. We have been searching for months a person that can keep the community informed and we have finally found it; and we have enough money to employ it. Right now she is not available at 100%. But we are working in the planning and the projects she will be in charge of. She is a person who works for a videogame magazine and she will join us in a few weeks. Until then we will do our best.

Development status

Thanks to the increase of the team size, those last weeks we have working hard in the development process and many points of the development are getting more interesting. We want to show you the huge city we are making, the improvement in the controls, the new physics… We are also working on a decent menu systems for the game and also on a good interface. We will also add a lot of traffic in the city as well. To sum it up, this is going very quick and the backers will be playing with the updates soon. We would also like to remind you that making a game is not an easy or quick task, that is why we appreciate your comprehension so much.

At this rate, we will finally have results to show every week. In the next post, we will talk more in depth about this and much more.

Next steps

Short term, we are going for the first Unity 5 version as soon as possible. Remember it has taken us so long because there was a lot of things to fix and add. Moreover, the team was smaller and we had a lot of business work to do. We don’t have an ETA defined yet, but it will be soon. This initial version will be open only for Backers.

Mid term, in summer more or less, we will launch the BETA in Steam Early Access. As always, all the Backers will receive a key to download it. It is possible that we launch a few more Backer-only updates until that day comes. Obviously there is no ETA defined yet.


We all are making something very big, we have the responsibility to make this work and now we have the resources to achieve it quicker.

Thanks for your support and your contributions!