2016, Alpha on the oven!

Hey guys,

We really wish you are enjoying 2016. We do. We don’t had too many days for rest on xmas but it’s ok because the hard work is giving great results. We have been working ( and we’re still working ) on the update Alpha version, which is the most important update by now. I would like to tell you more about this update.

One of the most noticeable feature added to the new update is the ability to change the bike parts. Not just a cosmetic change like color and material, I’m talking about change the whole part, affecting the mass and physics of the bike itself. That’s a pretty tricky thing to get. This allows to mount another kind of bikes like MTB, mini BMX, 24 inches… even it could be possible to make “frankenstein” combinations. Crazy idea huh? This will push further BMX The Game.

In the same way we’re working on the physics (as always, because is a really important thing on a game like this). They’re running awesome on the new engine, barely no bugs, no freaky bounces, all clean and super stable. We can’t wait to let you test it because we know that you’re going to love it. In addition, the rider now is really affected by physics and reacts to each impulse and force. This gives a super natural style. We’re rewriting the animation system to make it more stable and to avoid animations glitches (as you can see in previous versions).

The work on optimization is very noticeable too. We know about some problems of fps on many computers and we’re fighting to get a more fluent experience. The work on the gestures detection, and new gestures is nice too.
About the Dirt park (we shown WIP images on the last post) it’s on the 60%. We’ll show you a video riding it with the new physics soon. We don’t know yet if it will be finally included on this coming update.

I would like to say that the annoying bug of the XboxOne controller which some users had experienced is fixed now.

Talking about funding (one of the most important things on an indie game), the last week we met with some investors. It is perhaps too early to say but we’re pretty comfortable with them. This could help definitely to accelerate the development process and achieve the goals. We will see in coming meetings.

Once again, we call to your patience and we want to thank you for been there waiting and pushing the game. I’ll tell you more soon.