Heading to the Beta

Hi guys,


First of all, happy holidays and best wishes to all of you. We’re gonna do a special promotion during these holidays with discounts up to 60%. Also we’re going to enable a way through our website for those backers who want to upgrade their accounts next week.

We’re pretty happy with the current released update – pre Alpha 0.184 – and we have made a new video to celebrate it. We have decided to put more efforts to reach the Alpha process as soon as possible – remember that we’re still on pre Alpha. This step is really important but means a lot of work too.

I’m personally working hard on this task, and I can say that we estimate to reach the Alpha on January. What will bring us this Alpha?

First, Unity 5 engine. This will give us an awesome illumination and shaders – this means next gen quality. Also a really awesome optimization on physics and that’s really important in a game like BMX The Game, which uses physics forces instead pure animations. The migration from Unity 4 to Unity 5 isn’t so easy as we expected for our case, but we’re rewriting many codes and we’re getting an awesome result. We can’t wait to show you our progress on this.

The alpha also will come with a better, faster and easier controlling system (don’t panic, is pretty the same what we have now, but faster and more solid). Also will add a more consistent physics driven animations in order to avoid fails when execute tricks. This Alpha will also avoid weird bounces and losing control. The Tunnel will be available for everyone on this point too.

The most important is: this Alpha will allow to change the bike pieces – not just color -, and this changes will affect to the geometry and physics of the bike. This feature opens a great way to personalize the game.

The rest of the team is working to finish the dirt course before February. We’re using thousands of pictures and scannings to reconstruct an important Bike Park here in Barcelona. This Bike Park, including the new features of the Alpha will push the game to the next level for sure.

We’re also working to include the Steam SDK on the game as soon as possible. In our plans, we estimate to reach the Beta process – including Early Access on Steam, creator’s tools and others – on March 2016.

We’re still working without publisher nor external investment so we really appreciate your support and your help. Your support and confidence on this game is making this possible. Sadly the lack of external help makes the development harder and slower than we wish.

Even so, we don’t give up, even without a decent salaries and barely surviving, because we really believe in what we’re doing, and we really love it.

Once again, we call for your patience and your help to spread the game and keep making this better. Thanks brothers!