A month of quiet? 0.182 is here!

It’s pretty hard to work hard on August, especially with all those people on the beach and enjoying their spare time. This year we have sacrificed again our vacations for the game. Specially because we were finishing our most important update since we released the sneak peek 9 months ago (the most important at least until we reach Unity 5 engine soon). Why is it so important? because we’re opening the first streets of our ambitious city to ride. This is an important step.

We were working in silent mode because we want to get all the community excited with BMX The Game progression. Finally the moment is here with a bunch of changes and fixes. Yeap, we know that it lacks a lot of things to do, but we’re really proud about the result. Specially being a super small indie team, without external investment, without any publisher or sponsor. We’re making great things.

I don’t wanna make you bored talking too much about the update, we just want you to enjoy it. Anyway, let me explain you a little bit about the pre Alpha 0.182.

  • We have built a beautiful and realistic environment based on Barcelona (our hometown). You can see it in google maps here: We have achieved a great level of detail. This environment puts the base to scale up the rest of the city. Now we’re finishing a procedural city generator, which will help us to build up the rest of the city really quick. As well we have rebuild the “Mercat del Born” with a new scale in order to fit the city.
  • We have made some modifications on the park inside the “Mercat del Born”. If you have played previous versions you will find it more tiny now. We have reduced the scale of the park trying to find the perfect scale for the city. In addition we have added new park elements to test the physics. We have added some elements especially to test vertical aerials, but we need to add “magnets and helpers” to help the landing.- We have made new textures and materials. They look nice. Take notice that we are working under Unity 4.6 engine, and we aren’t using next generation materials which will give a great looking.
  • There are plenty of physics objects on the scene which can be used to make tricks, like chairs and fences.
  • You can drop the bike in any moment and get a funny moment.
  • We have made some adjustments in order to make the reverts and Gturns easier and realistic. Also the spin momentum is higher now.
  • For those people which are testing the game on old-slow computers, we have added a value for the render distance. This should help to optimize.
  • We have made thousands of little adjustments on the physics, ragdoll, light, cameras, animations… trying to get a better feeling and quality. It’s pretty hard to get the perfect combination of values, especially about the physics, because there are hundreds of variables managing the behaviour. We’re doing our best. In some point of the future we’ll open these values to be edited by modders and get a “stable and smooth setup” with their help.
  • We’re adding the front brake in experimental mode, as part of the coming Foot Jam. We’re working on it and we hope to get it on the next update.
  • Now you can pull up a little bit the bike during an aerial, or pushing down the bike trying to catch a rail to grind. Use the left stick for it on the air.
  • There are also many other little changes and fixed bugs.

You can enjoy it now from the private area. As always, thanks for your help and your support!