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Bike Editor is coming

Hi friends!

We were really busy these last days but now we’re building the Bike Editor. It took too long for some reasons, mostly related to the fact that we have the sneak peek pre Alpha running under Unity 4.6.5 but the bike editor is under Unity 5. That means that we have different road maps to follow in each engine so is very tricky to get a right balance.

The bike editor that we’re going to release this week is indeed part of the work of migration to Unity 5 (Work In Progress) so it allows you to navigate through the new menu. All except Bike Editor are disabled yet. Indeed, as soon as we have the migration to Unity 5 ready, the game will playable from this menu.

The new editor allows you to change more pieces than which are able to be changed on the playable sneak peek, but these new pieces will be ready in the alpha this summer, for instance the barends. It’s also able to swap pieces, but this feature is also disabled by now. The fact that the editor is running on Unity 5, using the new shaders and new lighting techniques, give us a beauty concept of what we’re going to bring you in the Alpha version, running on Unity 5, some point in this summer.

In addition to the bike editor and new menu, we’re going to release the preAlpha 0.181 version with some changes. The most important is the swap of the pedalling button, thanks to the survey that we made. Don’t be panic, is a testing feature, but give it a try. We were sceptic about it but now we love it. Also we had fixed some errors and made some little changes from what you have told us through the suggestions/bug email in game.

The great part is that we’re working in three line at same time: the bike editor and menus, game mechanics/unity5 migration, the city.

About the city, the things are really nice. We are reaching the expected level of detail and we’ll open the doors of the “Mercat” really soon. We would like to open it as soon as possible but we don’t know yet if it will be on the preAlpha under Unity 4.6 or in the Alpha on Unity 5. Personally, I prefer the second option because the graphics are amazing.

We have also tested the terrain and it’s HUGE. This is gonna be awesome.

Now we’re testing, uploading and finishing the process of build the different versions. Stay tuned for when we release the bike editor this week.