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The bike editor is working really nice. We are setting the customisable bike parts and the first part database. It’s just giving some problems with the exportation of the custom bike file and its integration in the game.  We thought about release it without the export file feature, but finally we think that it’s better to do the things well and release it when the export file is possible. No ETA yet. I will keep you update about this in coming days.

We have a great news, we’re white-listed in Microsoft email accounts again. However, we could hit spam box yet on these accounts, so if you’re using these accounts please check your spam box or mark us as known sender.

Finally, we want to share some new models that we’re working on for the next coming update.

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A lot of info about the development

Dear friends,

We have been working hard these last days, and our last post was too many days ago, so I have many things to tell you. Get ready to read ;)

The success on Greenlight is a great push for us. We’re reading its documentation in order to learn how to integrate the Steam SDK on our game.  Aswell we have many things to do before release BMX The Game on Steam.

We made a public survey in order to find the better button for pedaling on our game. Maybe you already know it, but the most of the people voted to change the button for “pedal” into the game. This change will be available on the next coming update. ->

About the city, we have lot of the main design already done, and we’re modeling props and assets that you will find on the streets. In the next coming update, the doors of the “mercat” will be opened and you will be able to free roam for the nearest streets. The city is inspired on Barcelona, and we’re putting a lot of effort to make you feel like you are here.

The game mechanics are good, it can be played and it’s pretty funny to play, but it’s still far from what we want to achieve. The physics have to be more accurate and the animations have to be more realistic and flow. It lacks a lot to get what we have dreamed, but we’re doing our best, and we’re on the right direction. For instance, now we’re working to have better aerial tricks. Aerials look nice, but it needs more work. This will be implemented soon.

We’re also working in the migration to Unity 5 engine, which is very optimized and it have awesome graphics. Sadly, this is an slow process because many things have changed from the Unity 4 engine, so we have to recode many of our lines and codes. As an indie team, we have a limited budgets and sometimes we develop slower than we expected, big changes could take a while. Thinking in all the success on social media and Steam, maybe we could get some genuine interest by some brand or investor and accelerate the development ;)  ;).

By now, we have the bike editor and the game new menu under Unity 5 and it’s awesome. It will be launched maybe the next week. While the preAlpha is been migrating to Unity 5 engine, you can use the new bike editor to create new custom bikes, just change color and materials by now – change bike parts is almost ready too. The bike editor will be launched on mobile phones soon too and you could send your bikes to your game on the PC.

Also, we want to open a new private area on the website with graphic assets for those people who want to do their Artwork related to BMX The Game.

We understand your impatience with all this project, because we’re so excited as you aswell. The team is growing and we hope to offer you more content really soon. We really appreciate your patience, support and good words.

PS: As I always said, all the images and videos are WORK IN PROGRESS and do not represent the final quality :)