The map size, Unity5 menu and the Poll

Hi my friends,

Great working days! Things are really sweet in the new office. It’s great to work here. We have experienced some technical difficulties but now all is working.

The city design is on its road. By now we already know the real size of the map. It’s about 16.6 km2 or 6.4 mi2. If you try to cross it walking it could take more than one hour. As we have talked many times, it’s inspired on Barcelona, and we’re trying to keep the essence of each spot. Indeed there are hundreds of remarkable spots which we want to represent. It’s not on scale 1:1 – indeed the scale is 2:5 which is the 40% of the real size of Barcelona, and this makes hard to fit all the buildings and spots. We’re on the initial states of this development area, but we’re growing fast, so we’ll unlock small areas in next updates.

We are also working on the migration to Unity5. We have talked about it few months ago. It’s a hard task, but it definetly worth. The 3d menu, which allows to navigate through all the features and options of the game, is on development right now. We’re really happy with the results – remember that is a work in progress. This menu will allows to edit the bike and other interesting features, like share your replays and so. There’s no ETA for it yet, but we’re putting all our efforts to get it as soon as possible. It’s pretty hard to manage the multiplatform development, but our aim is release a beta soon available for mobiles.

Another part of the team is working trying to get support from investors and partners in order to get more resources to develop this game. This is a hard task.

I almost forgot, we have created a survey in order to get feedback about a mechanical question of the game: the Pedaling Button. Please help us with your vote on this.


PS: the menu scene represent a rent room in Barcelona, rented by a young rider.


0.180 is available

Hi guys,

The 0.180 is already available in the private zone of the website. We also have done a little Launcher in order to make easier the updating. By now it just work for Windows, but we want to do it for every platform. As soon as we hit Steam we’ll use it instead the launcher, so it’s a temporary solution.

We’re now officially installed on the new office, and we have new members on the development team. Marta Rodríguez and Virginia Carrasquer are the architecs/modellers which are working on the city design. They’re doing a great job and we’ll show you soon. We’re lucky to have architects working on this. The city will be a very realistic place to ride and find spots.

This week we had some problems with the website due some kind of ddos attack, and we have some problems with emails domains from Microsoft. We’re working to deflect future attacks and be sure that everybody is receiving our emails.

We have done just a few changes in this version. We have updated to the last Unity Engine version on the 4 series – 4.6.5. – and we have adjusted some little bugs.

The changes on the 0.180

    • Experimental Launcher for Windows
    • x64 version for Windows
    • Experimental Linux build
    • Upgraded engine version to 4.6.5
    • Hidden mouse cursor on game
    • Adjusted spin/rotation forces
    • Adjusted absorption values
    • Adjusted physic time values
    • Fixed initial Bike without pegs values
    • Stronger grind magnets
    • Minor changes

Experiencing problems with the website

It looks that again we’re experiencing some problems with our server and website. Maybe you get a “500 error” while try to access the website or the game. Usually it works after a refresh. We’re trying to find where’s the problem in order to fix it as soon as possible. Also we are thinking to change our hosting service.

In the same way our emails are blocked by hotmail, live and outlook services, and many people is asking for help on this. If you don’t receive our emails please use this contact form:


Launcher is coming

Hi guys,

Steam greenlight came really fast and this is great! Thanks for your support and votes. It just took 13 days. So we’re doing next steps to hit Steam.

I want to talk about a new launcher. It will help you to have the game allways updated, and launch the bike editor and more. By now it’s just working under Windows. We have also worked on a short update – it will help to test the launcher. It had some few changes and hot fixes so the launcher will come with the 0.180. It’s not a really important update, even more if you compare with the 0.179, but it have some few fixes and minor changes. It should be ready this week.

Also we have took these last days to move us to the new office. Yep, that office that I talked about it in December. We were waiting to finish the 0.179 to move us. We are already installed here. It lacks some little things yet, but we’re working here 100% of the time. This is a awesome place to work, on the center of Barcelona, in a bigger space. This is important for the development because allows to have more people working at same time.

Thanks for your support guys!