0.179 out now!

Today is a big day. After lots of delay and thousands of hours of hard work, today we release the Sneak Peek preAlpha 0.179. It should be ready to download in few minutes. Meanwhile here’s a trailer:

Also it’s an important moment on the life of BMX The Game because it’s now on Steam GreenLight. We need you to vote there and get the game on Steam. Please help us to spread the word, because BMX The Game needs more people engaged on this.

This version is close to what we want, anyway there’re a lot of hard work to do yet. We have suffered delays but we’re on the right direction. Thanks for your help.

In addition I would like to explain in detail the changes and features of this version.

  • New camera follower: we have rewrote the old system that moves the camera. Now is more smooth and feels more natural, trying to be like a real BMX video. We want to do more changes in futures versions and add support to be customized in real time and through the mobile app.
  • Improved SSAO: We have replaced the standard SSAO by a new one more efficient and accurate.
  • New Tonemapping: We have changed a little bit the tonemapping of the game trying to be more warm.
  • Adaptation light cameras: now the cameras reacts to the light, trying to adapt to light level.
  • New reflection system for shaders: new reflection cubemaps more accurated.
  • Adjusted Quality levels: we have tweaked many post image effects, so the quality levels are modified too.
  • Replayer system: this is a great way to repeat the best tricks. Check the layout page to see how it works. It’s pretty similar to the old photo editor. It allows to change the cameras and seek through the recorded frames. It just record the last 30 seconds on actions so take care.
  • Improved physics and lowest timestep: The physics system it’s a little bit more faster trying to avoid “physics artifacts”. We also changed the physics collider models.
  • Other graphics improvements: As I said, we have changed and tweaked the post effects and the shaders of the game trying to achieve a better quality image-performance.
  • New 3rd person cam: We have changed the code of the 3rd person cam, is more smooth and stable. Anyways we will make it customizable in future updates.
  • Improved stability on bike and air: We have worked hard to tweak the mass of the bike and the handling to get and stable riding. It’s pretty hard to get the perfect balance. In future updates we’ll allow you to mod this values trying to find the balance with your help.
  • Change bike colors and setup: you can change the color and the bike setup through a file stored on your documents BMX folder. You can duplicate the sample file – sample.bmx stored on the game root folder – and change the color codes to make your own bikes. Obviously it’s gonna be possible to do this through the bike editor soon, and also through the mobile app on runtime.
  • New parabolic prediction system for helpers: this is one of great problems that we face, find a neat way to land. This new system is trying to do it, calculating where the bike will be in the future. It needs more work on it to make more easy to grind and so.
  • Improved contact detection: We have done many changes on the contact detections to get a better performance.
  • Improved bike masses: as I said, we have adjusted the bike masses in order to be more accurate.
  • New braking system based on torque: new braking system which brakes using friction forces. It feels more natural and smooth.
  • Improved pedaling forces: the pedaling system is more natural and have more conditions to reacts like the real life.
  • New helpers to grind: there’re magnets which helps to grind.
  • Improved sprocket movement on air: we have fixed many sprocket bugs when the bike is on the air.
  • Fail by tilt: if the bike tilts too much it falls.
  • Fail by contact on wheels: we have adjusted when the riders falls after a landing.
  • Tricks can be landed on wheel: now some tricks can be landed on wheel. As instance the barspin can be landed with the back wheel and don’t fall.
  • Tricks can be launched on manuals: in the same way the “front wheel tricks” can be done on manual.
  • No locomotion: we have disabled temporaly the walking system (locomotion) in order to be more fast to ride. We will activate it in future updates when it could be customized by the user.
  • Fast respawn from bail: you can respawn instantly when falls.
  • Improved weight when on the bike: many changes in how the bike reacts to the rider pose-weight.
  • Foot to floor when balance is lost: if the bike balance is lost – in landings and so – the foot is out to try to get the balance again.
  • Foot to floor on slow speed: as it says, if your are at slow velocity it place the foot on floor.
  • Improved impact absortion: we have changed the way how the body reacts to masive landings, trying to get more “flow”.
  • Slight auto pump: a system that helps to do a little pump to do the riding more smooth.
  • Change root in tricks is now smooth: this is a tech change. When you came from a tailwhip, the master of the movement is the rider, so the bike follow the rider. When lands this swaps now smoothed.
  • Improved ragdoll limits and mass: the rider falling is now less ragdolled.
  • Improved animations: almost all the animations have been changed and updated.
  • New hands and feet control system: the hands and feet are smooth to grab the bike and so.
  • New gestures recognizer: a lot of work on it. Now is more efficient, better performance and more accurate. Allows to detect mouse gestures and keyboard gestures.
  • Improved shaders, models and lights: a lot of changes as you can see ;)
  • New spins system: we’re trying to achieve a more realistic way to spin. More loaded the bunny, faster spin.
  • Backflips and frontflips: and you can do kind of flairs in the right conditions.
  • Tilt on air to do wallrides: this allows to do wallrides.
  • Improved basic tricks: the basic tricks, like bunny and so, are more faster and simplified to do. Also we have changed the forces of the tricks in order to get a better result.
  • Improved tailwhip and mirrored: try to do it in both directions.
  • Improved barspin
  • Improved Tabletop
  • Improved x-up
  • Toboggan
  • Tuck no hander
  • Keyboard and mouse – experimental: this is experimental yet. It’s pretty hard to handle, at least for me. Anyway, try it and helps us to improve it.
  • Background music: place any .ogg music file in the music folder on your documents bmx folder and it will sound as background on the game. You can use this website to convert youtube to ogg for example: http://www.onlineyoutube.com/YouTube-OGG-converter
  • Other minor changes and bug fixes: hundreds of minor bugs and adjustments, many of them reported by the community has been fixed.

Thanks guys for your help and support.


The long list of changes

As I said in last posts we’re really close to the next update. We’re aware of your eagerness to play it and we can’t stop to repeat: thanks for your patience. The good news – this time I think is really good – is that we’re going to release the update in the coming post. No more posts until the update, and it could happen this week.

Last week – including weekend – we have been working on the fail&bail system and many other adjustments. Now we’re fixing some values, and working in the “update event” – recording some tutorials and videos, doing changes on the website and some other stuff like that.

One of these tasks was do a list with all the changes of the next update. When we have done it, we have realised that there are so many changes, and they are so deep that we have decided to jump to the 0.179. This is just for internal purposes and doesn’t affect to the dates and so. So this next update version will be the 0.179.

Here’s the final changes list – excluding bugs. I’ll talk more about each change in the next update post, which it will be the “release update post”.

  • New Following Camera
  • Improved SSAO
  • New Tonemapping
  • Adaptation light cameras
  • New reflection system for shaders
  • Adjusted quality levels
  • Adjusted quality selector
  • Improved physics and lowest timestep.
  • Replayer system
  • Other graphics improvements
  • New 3rd person cam
  • Improved stability on bike and air
  • Change bike colors and setup
  • New parabolic prediction system for helpers
  • Improved contact detection
  • Improved bike masses
  • New braking system based on torque
  • Improved pedaling forces
  • New helpers to grind
  • Improved sprocket movement on air
  • Fail by tilt
  • Fail by contact on wheels
  • Tricks can be landed on wheel
  • Tricks can be launched on manuals
  • No locomotion – temporaly
  • Fast respawn from bail
  • Improved weight when on the bike
  • Foot to floor when balance is lost
  • Foot to floor on slow speed
  • Improved impact absortion
  • Slight auto pump
  • Change root in tricks is now smooth
  • Improved ragdoll limits and mass
  • Improved animations
  • New hands and feet control system
  • New gestures recognizer
  • Improved shaders, models and lights
  • New spins system
  • Backflips and frontflips
  • Tilt on air to do wallrides
  • Improved basic tricks
  • New forces for each trick
  • Simplified basic tricks
  • Improved tailwhip and mirrored
  • Improved barspin
  • Improved Tabletop
  • Improved x-up
  • Toboggan
  • Decade
  • Tuck no hander
  • Keyboard and mouse – experimental
  • Other minor changes and bug fixes

Easter Work

Hi guys, here we’re again, working on weekend plus holidays. This should deserve a place on the “BMX games” hall of fame. It’s ok because we like what we’re doing. For now, I just want to share with you guys some progress on the new tricks in a video. Just a short clip with some random stuff – you know… work in progress… bla bla bla.

The to-do list is really short now so we really think the release of the 0.178 version will be ready soon. We really need to finish this update before start new amazing tasks. Indeed we’re more excited for what it’s coming thought this update.

I also want to tell you that this coming week we will ask your help. We will launch a poll in the website about platforms and so. This is really important for the investment of the project and next steps. Luis will tell you more details this week.

Thanks guys and happy easter