Nice shaders and optimized

The bugs are fixed!

The bugs are fixed! Well, at least those bugs which make the game unplayable, and are detected. Say this doesn’t seems too much, but it has take so long to achieve this. Still there are many minor bugs of course – we still on pre-alpha yet – but the game it’s pretty solid right now. So, what remains to release it? We have to enable the old tricks – we had to disable many of them for testing purposes – and add the new ones. We have also to tweak and test before release it.

In other aspects of the game life, we’re working on improve the website and the knowledge about the game. We’re recording videotutorials for those people who have problems with the website, pre-orders and also installing the game. We have done many minor changes in the website trying to be more explainatory about the registering-validating process. Many of you had experienced a lot of problems with the confirmation emails.

Also we’re recording one video explaining all what we have done in this 0.178 version – I’m afraid because I don’t want to get a long video – and also talking about the next steps – I will talk more about this down. And of course, planning the trailer for the Steam Greenlight. This is an important goal for the project so we have to do our best on this. Any help and advice will be appreciated, specially on free music for the bso.

About the next steps, in some point of the future we will migrate to Unity 5. Indeed we’re already working on it. The perfect scenario is keep working on Unity 4.5.5 – doing updates more frequently – one or two weeks like the first versions on november – and also have a team working on the migration in parallel. At this moment we’re using Unity5 for art and design purposes – the hard part of the migration is the physics.

I want to share with you some few screenshots of BMX The Game in Unity5. They are on a very early stage but they could help to see where we can go in quality terms.

PS: we don’t usually share things like this – outside the game -, but this video has given us motivation to work this weekend after a hard and long week ;)

PS2: Don’t be mad with my really bad English, today I’m really tired, and I usually forget my English when I’m tired.



Hi friends,

In short words I can say the pretty same like in the last update: we’re here working hard non-stop. The weekend was really great in production terms but it was hard because we need a rest – as soon as we release the 0.178 we will sleep for a day at least. We’re making our best. We have worked in many bugs, specially in the trick-physics forces – see last post’s gif. Now this is very optimized and it have flow. We have to re-tweak a little bit this yet. We have been thinking in add some files to mod-adjust physics, because it could be great to get your help to find the best physics adjustment. This isn’t easy because there are over 60 variables to tweak in physics terms, so we will make this for coming updates.

About the ETA… as allways, we prefer to don’t say a day yet, because we have really bad luck with the bugs, you already know. We just can say that it is really soon.

At the same time, last week we had a meeting with the architecs who are helping to design the city. Soon we will open the doors to the first city streets. Remember that the city is inspired on Barcelona and the place where you’re playing now is called “Mercat del Born” – google it ;) . Also we had conversations with some people who can accelerate the game making some good advices and future investments. We have to be patience with these things.

Now here is 1 am and we need a rest. So bed-time.

Thank you guys!


Last tweaks

Dear friends and supporters,

As we told in the last post, the update is near to be released. We have worked really hard to release it this week. We have faced many bugs, problems and “little” disasters – yesterday we lost 4 development hours due a computer crash. We have a great backup system, so it wasn’t so painful. Sometimes these problems-delays are kind of frustrating, but we keep moving forward with positivity. So today is Thursday and we need to work a little bit more on it. Isn’t ready to be released yet. This weekend all the team are going to work to try to release it on next week. We’ll let you know more about this on Monday or Tuesday – notice that this is not the estimated release date.

Many people is asking why is so hard to release this update. We already talk about the deep critical changes on this update. This changes forces us to tweak all the physics forces. Take notice that this game is fully procedural physics driven. All the tricks in the game are procedural and have their own forces. So even there are animations, all the changes on the mass, velocities and forces are procedural. As you can imagine this means a lot of work and adjustments to work nicely. In some way we have to “teach” the game to do each trick.

Thanks for your patience, understanding and support!


0178 is coming

0.178 is almost here!

Great news!

I don’t wanna spend too much development time writing this, I will cut straight to the point: After a lot of work we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The 0.178 is almost ready and it will be released soon. It could happen the coming week. We will confirm this soon.

The 0.178 is not an usual update, because there are a lot of critical changes on it -including optimization. This is the reason why it took so much time to be ready. We think the game has done a great step here.

We can’t wait to show you…