Update February 11

Hi friends!

We’re on the way to the 0.178. We’re working a lot these last days, even on weekend.  We have experienced some delay due optimization and new bugs, specially with the hand-foot control system. It has been necessary to start this from the scratch. It means more hours of development but the result is being really nice. Now we can do things like put the foot on the floor when you loose the balance and so, with less code. As well we have added the ability of tilt the bike on the air to start wallrides. Here’s a short internal clip – recorded with a mobilephone – to show you these things.

We have some delays due the burocracy on Spain, but these things are related to the Studio and we can’t avoid them, just trying to not affect so much the development.

We have a list of tasks to finish – there’re about 15 tasks now. Many of them are short tasks, but we won’t to say a ETA yet because is hard to make predictions on the development and we have learned – and you have seen in the past – that things sometimes are more slow than expected.

So for now, we can say that we’re more close to the 0.178, the game works nice, and we’re proud about the progression.

We can’t wait to release the 0.178 to see your feedback, and also to have time to move us to the new office and add new members to the team.

Thanks for your support guys, I’ll tell you more soon!