Teaser 0.178

Hi guys!

Today I have a little teaser showing two of the new features that we have added in the next coming update 0.178.
Many of you already saw this video:

This showed features are Backflips and Tricks during grinds and manuals. There are more features. Next week we’ll show more. The preliminar list of changes and features added to the 0.178 is this:

- Backflips, Frontflips and Flairs. We’re still working on this
- Optimized gestures recognizer. It works much faster than the old one, and more accurate. Now each flick you do is affected by the “gesture precision”, “gesture speed” and other variables like the inclination of the bike.
- Experimental Keyboard + Mouse support. Many people don’t have controllers to play the game and we have made this experimental support. As the word says, is experimental. In my opinion i prefer to play with controllers (PS4 and XBOXONE the best).
- Improved bunny hops (hops and nollies too). We have simplified the way to jump up, and now the system is more natural.
- Pumping. We’re working on a pumping system.
- New tricks. Everybody wants a lot of tricks. Me too! For this version we add No hander, no footer, toboggan, tuck no hander, tabletop and maybe footjam.
- Replayer system. A basic replayer system. It allows to replay some actions and control the camera. Perfect for youtubers ;) In further updates it will have more options.
- New follow camera. We are improving the camera because… we have to ;)
- A lot of minor changes in a lot of parts of the game have been done in order to improve the handling, performance and so.

There isn’t an ETA for this update yet. I just can say that we’re working on this at full speed, because the new office is ready and we are waiting to release this update to go to the office. If you have no clue about that, we want move Barspin Studios to a new office in Barcelona with better services and more space to work on this. Hopefully this will help us to work faster.

I want to repeat that all the footage is a Work In Progress, and there’s a long “to-do” list yet.

Stay tuned, more news next week! Thanks for your support guys!


What will 2015 bring to us?

Welcome to 2015! We believe this will be a great year for BMX The Game. With the new year upon us we thought it would be a good time for an update on the status of the project. There are many things that we are doing and we felt it was important to let everyone know precisely where things stand.

Technical Status: The development of BMX The Game has not stopped! Every free moment we have is spent working on the project. Sometimes though this is not as fast as we would like. Personally, I am taking care of improving the Control System while trying to Optimize and Simplify the Gesture Recognition System. We have made a lot of progress in this, but at the same time it has opened up new bugs for us.  Over the holidays I have been trying to rework many lines of code and I am still quite busy trying to get them all fixed. The results have shown a lot of improvement so far, but there is still some work to be done.

We are also working on some aspects that will appear in future updates. These include integration of the Bike Editor, the Credit & RP System for improving your bike, Character Editor, and additions of Street and Dirt scenarios. In Fact, we are working in La Poma Premia! A park known worldwide and one we know very well since it is very close to us. Our planned implementations for the 0.180 series of updates will include Mobile versions, more tricks, more scenarios, the Park Editor will become available for our “Creator” Tier backers (which will also run on Mobiles), the Bike Editor, and new parks as well.

Financial Status: Although BMX The Game has had very positive feedback we have not generated sufficient resources to fully cover the budget of the game. Therefore we are currently considering obtaining a loan in order to speed up development and get more people involved with the project. We have been working on BMX The Game for many months now. So far all employees and collaborators on BMX The Game -Both Full Time and Part Time- have worked for free. This is neither Logical nor Professional and as such we must start thinking about support from other media. This search for support has already taken time away from development, but it is very necessary for the future of the project.

The process is going well so far and soon we will have more resources. We’re moving to our office in Barcelona where we will be able to work better and be able to hire amazing people that will help BMX The Game progress the way it deserves to. We are also open to other ways of obtaining financial support for development through public or private investors.

Community Status: We have been trying to answer the hundreds of e-mails and messages that we have received with your feedback. However, we have not been able to give back enough of our own feedback to answer everyone. With the Programming and Financial aspects we have very limited time at which to answer. We really need a Community Manager who is able to communicate in both English and Spanish!

In the meantime, a Moderator and friend will assist with Community Management in their spare time to try and improve this aspect.

Another thing to note is that soon we will be part of Steam Greenlight. Our hope is that this will increase our support and resources for development. Since our game is still somewhat unknown we feel this will be a great way to advertise on a proven platform.

In a few days our new Build 0.178 will be available and we will be on Steam Greenlight as well.

Once again and as always, thank you for your continued support and your patience.