Sneak Peek, mobile version and consoles

  • The feedback from the Bike Editor is working great and has helped us to improve the sneak peek
  • Sneak Peek has no official date yet but is delayed only a few days
  • We show the first gameplay-test on mobile phones
  • We have started to process the consoles licenses
  • Pre-order prices will be updated after Sneak Peek release

We are anxious to let you play the Sneak Peek, it looks great and we love the results. We had planned to release it on late August, but some bugs -some of them detected thanks to the feedback of the community- and optimizations have supposed for us a bigger and unexpected work load. It is just a matter of days.

platformsWe take this opportunity to showing you something that is very important for the project: the mobile version. We are working on a more complete video but for the moment we show you a little advance. The optimization of the mobile version opens also the possibility of running the game in slow computers.

The best news is that we are processing licenses for the development of the game in xbox and playstation – current&next gen. In order to guarantee this milestone, we need to reach the 5000 pre-orders.

The pre-orders prices will be updated when the Sneak Peek for PC/Mac is available. Your pre-order is very important for the project and all the funds will be directly used to the game development.



Bike Editor

Bike Editor Available and Sneak Peek soon

We have been in silence for days, but don’t worry, this is because we’re focused to finish the sneak peek – and other important milestones – as soon as possible.

As you already know, we suffered delays after the successful pre-orders process, but these delays means opportunities too.

Althought we’re close to get the sneak peek ready, we want to thankful your unconditional support, patience and understanding with the release of a sample of the bike editor, which it will be part of the final game. For now, this sample allows you to change bike’s colors and taking beautiful screenshots.

We always said that your feedback is really important for us, so the editor allows you to send us your opinions and reports just pressing a button.

Enjoy it. We hope this makes bearable the wait for the sneak peek, which is taking a while but it will be worth.

In addition, we’re working in other important points and soon we will show the sneak peek running in mobilephones.

We also want to announce that after lots of emails asking for more pre-orders, this week we will open 5.000 pre-orders. We have worked a lot to automatize this process. This will give us more resources for a faster development and go for higher milestones. We don’t know how much time will take to be sold out. We sold the last 1.000 in 48 hours.

We have more things in the roadmap but we can’t talk about it for now. Keep calm and stay tuned because we’re working hard and we’ll keep you informed. A lot of great news are coming.